The workshop is aimed at:

  • EuroPriSe Legal and Technical Experts
  • Lawyers specialised in privacy & data protection 
  • Experienced auditors specialised in IT security 
  • Data protection officers
  • Manufacturers of IT products
  • Providers of IT-based services





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  • What are the most recent innovations in EuroPriSe?
  • What do I have to know about recent developments in privacy and data protection on EU level, such as the GDPR and the future ePrivacy Regulation?
  • Which relevant judgments did the European Court of Justice make recently?
  • What are the most important opinions issued recently by the European Data Protection Board?




  • Experienced speakers give presentations on relevant developments in privacy and data protection. 
  • Issues of particular interest are discussed between speakers and participants.
  • Speakers advice the audience on well-tried EuroPriSe Best Practices.

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Expert Enhancement Workshop 

Event Overview

The 1-day workshop is an invaluable forum for engaging with colleagues, advancing your skill levels, and gaining insight into the latest issues in data protection and privacy.

Workshop participants learn about EuroPriSe Best Practices, privacy relevant developments on EU level such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and recent guidelines published by the European Data Protection Board.

Enjoy meeting other privacy professionals from around the globe and expand your professional network!

  Note! Article 38(2) GDPR
Right to training of the data protection Officer (DPO)

The controller or processor shall support the data protection officer in performing the tasks referred to in Article 39 by providing resources necessary to […] maintain his or her expert knowledge”.

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Complimentary Participation

Admitted EuroPriSe Experts that have paid their annual fee are free of charge.

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