European Privacy Seal Fact Sheet

Fostering Trust and Reliability

The European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) offers a trans-European privacy trust mark issued by an independent third party certifying compliance of IT products and IT-based services with European regulations on privacy and data security.

One of the main problems facing the information society is a lack of trust in IT products and services caused by the possibilities of electronic surveillance. Citizens and businesses often need “a good faith belief” when using privacy-relevant IT products and services. Trustworthy and reliable guidance is needed to assist users and consumers to select a privacy and data protection compliant product or service.



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EuroPriSe Offers

  • Privacy trust mark of excellence valid throughout Europe
  • Transparent non-bureaucratic procedure and reliable criteria
  • Supervision and assurance by an independent third party
  • Visibility of privacy compliance available for marketing
  • Comparability of products by evaluation results
EuroPriSe Certification Procedure Overview

Sample EuroPriSe Seal


Advantages of EuroPriSe

EuroPriSe provides transparent procedures and reliable criteria. The European Privacy Seal embodies a visible trust mark certifying that a product or service has been checked by independent experts and approved by an impartial certification authority. The European Privacy Seal distinguishes trustworthy products and services.

To manufacturers and vendors it delivers assurance of privacy compliance on the European level. EuroPriSe fosters consumer protection and trust and at the same time provides a marketing advantage to manufacturers and vendors of privacy respecting products and services.


Independent Privacy Seal

EuroPriSe started as an EU funded project that aimed at establishing a trans-European privacy seal. Today EuroPriSe offers certifications for IT products and IT-based services throughout the EU. A unique certification, EuroPriSe seals assure users that their personal data are handled in accordance with European data protection laws. As the only EU-wide, independent privacy seal EuroPriSe empowers enterprises to demonstrate their compliance with European laws and regulations. EuroPriSe certifications have been awarded to business of all sizes including small and medium-sized companies and multinational organisations such as Microsoft and SAP.


Eligibility for the Seal

EuroPriSe, the European Privacy Seal offers a European privacy and data protection certification scheme for IT products and IT-based services. Manufacturers and vendors of IT products and IT-based services can apply for the European certificate. The trust mark is awarded after successful evaluation of the product or service by independent experts and a validation of the evaluation report by an impartial certification authority.

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