IT Product and IT-Based Service Certification


Steps towards certification:

  1. Choose and contact a legal and a technical expert from the expert register
  2. Discuss evaluation with experts
  3. Contact the certification authority and schedule a preparatory first meeting
  4. Agree on evaluation with experts
  5. Apply for certification and conclude a Certification Agreement with the Certification Authority
  6. Experts conduct evaluation
  7. Manufacturer/Service provider hands in
    1. Evaluation Report (confidential) compiled by legal and technical expert and approved by manufacturer
    2. Short Public Report (public) compiled by legal and technical expert and approved by manufacturer


If you are interested in certification for your IT-product or service, please send an email to

Business Keeper


EuroPriSe offers certification to manufacturers and vendors of IT products and IT-based services. The procedure consists of an evaluation of the product or service by admitted legal and IT experts and a validation of the evaluation report by an independent certification authority.



Evaluations by experts are subject to remuneration; fees are individually negotiated by the parties.

Certification efforts (validation by certification authority) are subject to remuneration. EuroPriSe certification fees are available on request.

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