Introduction of the new EuroPriSe Experts

EuroPriSe welcomes the new Experts to the EuroPriSe Expert Community.

EuroPriSe proudly announces that since the last EuroPriSe Admission Workshop in Amsterdam there now are 13 new, admitted members within the EuroPriSe Expert Community.

EuroPriSe likes to welcome the new Experts and introduce them to the already experienced remainder of the Expert Community.

The new EuroPriSe Experts are:

• Alexey Testsov, CEPE T PS/W
• Britta Hinzpeter, CEPE L PS
• Dr. Jan-Peter Ohrtmann, CEPE L PS
• Grigorios Lazarakos, CEPE L PS
• Helmut Waitzer, CEPE T PS
• Jörg Schlißke, CEPE L PS
• Juliane Messner, CEPE L PS
• Louis-Edgar Imhof,  CEPE T PS
• Melanie Dörholt, CEPE L PS
• Roland Marko, CEPE L PS
• Shuang Zhang, CEPE T PS/W (Junior)
• Stefan Keller, CEPE TL PS
• Tobias Mielke, CEPE T PS

If you want to learn more about our new Expert collegues, you can visit the EuroPriSe Register of Experts and have a look at the Experts’ entries.

The EuroPriSe Register of Experts also explains the newly adopted CEPE titles in a short summary which will be implemented in the Register of Experts soon as well.

To visit the EuroPriSe Register of Experts please follow this link:

EuroPriSe wishes the newly admitted Experts all the best and is looking forward to working with them.

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