EuroPriSe welcomes 14 new EuroPriSe Experts

The new experts are located in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, and Portugal.

EuroPriSe proudly announces that 14 experienced legal and technical privacy professionals have been admitted as EuroPriSe Experts since the last EuroPriSe Expert Admission Workshop in Lisbon.


The new EuroPriSe Experts are:

• Alisha Gühr, CEPE L PS
• Christopher Stradomsky, CEPE T PS
• Clemens Dorner, CEPE L PS
• Ellen Demey, CEPE L PS
• Henrique Necho, CEPE T PS
• Katja Wyrobek, CEPE L PS
• Kenny Willems, CEPE T PS
• Marc Neumann, CEPE T PS
• Maria de Lurdes Goncalves, CEPE L PS
• Marie Murphy, CEPE T PS
• Philip Riese, CEPE T PS
• Tilo Renz, CEPE T PS
• Tricia Higgins, CEPE L PS
• Vadims Medjankovs, CEPE T PS

EuroPriSe can now rely on more than 115 EuroPriSe Experts in 22 countries. To learn more, please visit the EuroPriSe Register of Experts at /EPS-en/register-of-experts.

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