European Privacy Seal for Carglass Interfaces to Insurance Companies

Carglass GmbH is awarded with the European Privacy Seal for its IT-based service Carglass Interfaces to Insurance Companies.

EuroPriSe is delighted to announce the award of a new European Privacy Seal: Cologne based enterprise Carglass GmbH proved that its IT-based service Carglass Interfaces to Insurance Companies complies with EU data protection law.

The focus of the services that are provided by Carglass GmbH is on the repair or replacement of car windows. Providing the services, Carglass aims at assisting its customers in the overall process which involves communication with vehicle insurance companies. The main purpose of this communication is to clarify whether in a given case the relevant vehicle insurance company will accept the cost of repair.

Please find more information at https://www.european-privacy-seal.eu/EPS-en/Carglass-Interfaces-to-Insurances

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