European Privacy Seal for Retail Movves (as implemented by Sonae Sierra)

Sierra Portugal, SA is awarded with the European Privacy Seal for its IT-based service Retail Movves (as implemented by Sonae Sierra).

EuroPriSe is delighted to announce the award of a new European Privacy Seal: Lisboa based enterprise Sierra Portugal, SA proved that its IT-based service Retail Movves (as implemented by Sonae Sierra) complies with EU data protection law.

Retail Movves (as implemented by Sonae Sierra) is a visitor flow analytics solution for indoor environments. Its objective is to provide management information regarding visitor flows in a statistical way. For this purpose, global unique identifiers (MAC ID and IMSI) are passively collected from mobile devices of visitors of indoor environments. GUIDs are immediately de-identified and the de-identified data is aggregated before being transmitted to a central server for statistical analysis. Transparency is ensured by means of a pictogram that is placed in the entrance doors of a shopping center as well as more detailed information that may be accessed by means of a specific website and a flyer that is available inside of the shopping center. The seal at hand is not awarded for the Retail Movves software that is at the core of the service, but for the implementation of this software by Sierra Portugal at various shopping centers that are run by Sonae Sierra.

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