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This workshop is hosted by our partner, 2B Advice LLC!

Event Details


  • combination of theoretical knowledge and methods training
  • discussion and review of existing standard methods
  • combination of classroom and group work

Become a European Privacy Seal Expert:
EuroPriSe Expert Training & Admission

Data Privacy | 2-Day Workshop


  • What exactly is the scope of the EuroPriSe certification scheme?
  • How do I identify a suitable target of evaluation?
  • What are the steps towards initial certification?
  • What is meant by monitoring and recertification?
  • What topics are covered by the EuroPriSe Criteria?
  • What does "Compliance +" stand for?
  • How do I write a EuroPriSe Evaluation report?
  • What is the role of the EuroPriSe Advisory Board?

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Event Overview

The 2-day workshop will introduce you to the EuroPriSe certification scheme: You will learn about EuroPriSe criteria and procedures and train in how to specify a target of evaluation (ToE) and to write a EuroPriSe evaluation report. In addition, you will start to work on the training evaluation which is one important precondition for being admitted as EuroPriSe Expert.

The workshop is a combination of classroom and group work and involves practical examples. You will deal with privacy use cases to apply what you have learned and to benefit from the professional exchange with other workshop participants.   

During the workshop, the experienced speakers will provide you with interesting details on the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the latest information on the recently introduced EU-US Privacy Shield.

Enjoy meeting other privacy professionals and expand your professional network

  EuroPriSe Website Certification

  • NEW: EuroPriSe website certification was recently introduced by EuroPriSe.
  • Learn about the advantages of EuroPriSe website certification and our new online evaluation tool at the EuroPriSe Expert Enhancement Workshop.
  • Apply for admission as EuroPriSe Expert for website certification and offer this new service to website owners.

  Certified Privacy Professional

  • Complete the EuroPriSe training evaluation introduced during the workshop, submit your evaluation report and apply for admission as EuroPriSe Expert.
  • Benefit from an increased reputation through EuroPriSe's acknowledgement of your legal or technical knowledge of privacy and data protection.
  • Broaden your portfolio and offer EuroPriSe evaluations to manufacturers and service providers.

When & Where

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Registration is CLOSED

  Target Audience

The workshop is aimed at:

  • Lawyers specialised in privacy & data protection 
  • Experienced auditors specialised in IT security 
  • Data protection officers
  • Manufacturers of IT products
  • Providers of IT-based services

Knowledge of EU data protection fundamentals is required.

Data Privacy Workshop
Data Privacy Training


Global Professional Building
2888 Loker Avenue East - Suite 115
Carlsbad, CA 92010

Location & Directions

The organizer of the seminar is the 2B Advice Academy, the training institute of international privacy consulting 2B Advice - the privacy benchmark. The lecturer is Marcus Belke, who is the President of 2B Advice LLC. He brings years of experience with and an in-depth understanding of European privacy law.

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