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The new website certification is the EuroPriSe approach to provide a high level and valuable privacy certificate to the mass of websites at an affordable price. One area that took away a lot of resources in the past was the process of applying for the seal and contracting with experts and the EuroPriSe Certification Authority. Therefore, we simplified this process by offering a one-stop contracting experience. The website owner can now start the certification by choosing the experts and filing all contracts necessary and agreeing to a flat fee all with one single web form. Website Certification
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EuroPriSe Certification Procedure Overview

The EuroPriSe website privacy certification is awarded to websites that are compliant with EU data protection law and that meet all of EuroPriSe's high-quality data protection requirements. Specifically, the evaluation covers publicly available parts of a website and focuses on the interaction between a web server and the browser of a visitor on the website. This includes topics such as cookies, IP address processing and social plugins. You can learn more about specific topics covered as well as the website certification below.

Please download and perform the readiness check by clicking on the blue button BEFORE placing your order for website certification.

Website Certification Scope

EuroPriSe website certification focuses on the interaction between a web server and the browser of a visitor of the website. It is limited to publicly available parts of a website.

The following areas are NOT within the scope of EuroPriSe website certification:

  • Parts of a website that have restricted access
  • Web shops
  • Any other services provided via a website that qualify as an IT-based service according to EuroPriSe (e.g. search engines)
  • There will be no evaluation of the content of a website, such as published pictures, videos and personal data in textual format (unless it is obvious that content violates the law).

Typical topics covered include:

  • Use of http cookies in compliance with the so-called ePrivacy Directive
  • Compliant use of Flash cookies, Silverlight cookies and DOM storage
  • Compliant processing of IP addresses (including logging and disclosure)
  • Transparency by means of privacy policy, cookie policy and cookie notice
  • Proper encryption of communication via forms on the website + data minimization
  • Social plugins deactivated by default and hyperlink to privacy-relevant information
  • Privacy compliant subscription process for newsletters (double opt-in)
  • Tailored requirements for web analytics, online behavioral advertising and recommendation functionalities

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Benefits of Certification

EuroPriSe's high quality requirements for website certification go beyond the legal requirements in many countries, providing for an outstanding level of privacy for your website's visitors. This fosters visitor trust and loyalty and keeps your website compliant, to say the least.

Tailored requirements for website certification and reliable best practice recommendations make implementing any measures that may be necessary to meet these high quality requirements simple and straightforward.

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