Auditing Privacy in a whole new way: Website Certification 1.0

On the last day of the upcoming Expert Workshop, November 06th, EuroPriSe will proudly present its newest service: The Certification of Websites.

We are excited to share the very first details with you about website certification v1.0 which introduces functionalities such as online audits and many more.
Be one of the first privacy professionals to hear about our achievements during the pilot phase and our plans regarding the future.
On day 3 of our workshop, we will provide you with an in-depth training on how to evaluate a website according to EuroPriSe which is one important requirement for being active as a EuroPriSe Expert in this exciting domain in the future.

Take part in our next EuroPriSe Expert Workshop and become an admitted EuroPriSe Expert for both certification of IT products & IT-based services and the brand-new certification product “Website Certification”:        

Berlin 04th – 06th of November 2015

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Enjoy the spirit and train to become a EuroPriSe Privacy Expert.

The 2+ day workshop will introduce you to the EuroPriSe certification scheme, provide training and focus on privacy use cases. The training evaluation will be introduced offering you the opportunity to qualify to become a EuroPriSe Privacy Expert.

Find more information on expert admission in our fact sheet on expert admission  and feel free to have a look at our sample forms providing insight on self-declarations to be made by applicants for admission as EuroPriSe Legal / Technical Expert. Be aware that EuroPriSe reserves the right to demand further proofs of expertise, reliability, and  independence.

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