European Privacy Seal for Quentry

Brainlab AG is awarded with the European Privacy Seal for its cloud-based Service Quentry for the collaboration of medical professionals

Munich based enterprise Brainlab AG provides the cloud-based service Quentry that can be accessed via Quentry enables medical professionals to share medical images, to display medical images in a web-based viewer and to add comments such as medical opinions.

The responsibility for the lawful processing of patient data lies with the users of the service. They are advised by Brainlab that the legitimate use of Quentry requires the collection of patients’ informed consent and release from medical confidentiality and that they are obliged to verify the identity of other users in a reliable way prior to sharing medical information with them.

The evaluation according to EuroPriSe was conducted by Johanna Laas (legal expert) and Dr. Michael Foth (technical expert). One particular focus of the evaluation was on the examination of the multi-layered encryption solution that is employed by Brainlab to ensure the confidentiality of patient data that is processed within Quentry. The result of the technical evaluation was that this innovative solution approximates the level of a true end-to-end encryption to the greatest extent possible under the given circumstances.

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