European Privacy Seal for Secure Data Space v2.1

SSP Europe GmbH is awarded with the European Privacy Seal for its IT-based service Secure Data Space (SDS) v2.1.

EuroPriSe is delighted to announce the award of a new European Privacy Seal: Munich based enterprise SSP Europe GmbH proved that its IT-based service Secure Data Space (SDS) v2.1 complies with EU data protection law.

Secure Data Space is a web-based virtual data space which can be used for uploads, downloads, storage, management and transmission of data. SDS is designed for B2B relationships. It is accessible via

Depending on the individual usage scenario, data may qualify as personal data and even as sensitive personal data. Confidentiality of (personal) data can be ensured by means of encryption technology at the client side. Users are advised to make use of this option when processing personal data by means of SDS in a data protection leaflet. 

SSP Europe GmbH managed to complete a combined certification project (EuroPriSe + Gütesiegel Schleswig-Holstein) successfully and was awarded with both, the European Privacy Seal and the Gütesiegel Schleswig-Holstein. 

Please find more information on SDS v2.1 at

Information on combined certitication projects is available at

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