European Privacy Seal for TeamDrive 4

Cloud service for data storage and data exchange receives the EuroPriSe seal.

TeamDrive is a “collaboration tool” that enables the exchange of data (files of all types) between two or any number of clients via the Internet or internal networks. The certified cloud service provides for true end-to-end encryption.

During operation, users act in groups to access a shared database, the so-called “SharedSpace” (“Space”). Physically, the “space” is then located on a TeamDrive server. A copy of the space is stored with the individual users of the space on the systems on which the clients used are installed. Changes are recognised by the client and files are automatically uploaded to the server space as a new version and made known to other users. Once a file is stored in a space, all members of the group have access according to their permissions (read or change). The service provider uses data center services of Microsoft Corporation and Amazon Web Services Inc. to provide TeamDrive. In addition, they have commissioned T-Systems International GmbH as a data trustee for the Microsoft Cloud.

The evaluation was performed by EuroPriSe Legal Expert Stephan Hansen-Oest and by EuroPriSe Technical Expert Andreas Bethke. It took place on the basis of the EuroPriSe Criteria Catalogue for IT-products and IT-based Services v201701. The evaluators concluded that TeamDrive 4 meets all applicable EuroPriSe requirements. Further information about the certification is available here.

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