EuroPriSe celebrates 10th anniversary and looks forward to the GDPR

EuroPriSe calls upon European regulators to bestow consideration to contribute to harmonisation and not to fragmentation when deciding about the parameters of certification under the GDPR

On June 07, 2007, the kick-off meeting for the EU-funded project “European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe)” took place in Kiel/Germany. 10 years later, EuroPriSe has developed into a well-established and renowned certification program for IT products, services and websites with its network of 100 accredited experts in 18 countries.

“I am very proud to see EuroPriSe at the forefront of data protection certification, having served as a model from the beginning. EuroPriSe clearly shows that trustworthy and accountable certification provides benefits to business and citizens alike,” says Kirsten Bock, former lead and initiator of EuroPriSe.

“Against the background of our traditionally close ties with EU data protection authorities, our long-term experience in the field and the presence of our not less than 100 accredited experts from 18 countries all over the globe, EuroPriSe is well-prepared for the co-regulatory approach of Art. 42 f. GDPR and for making a major contribution to a future European Data Protection Seal,” says Sebastian Meissner, Head of the EuroPriSe Certification Authority. “We are ready for GDPR and strive towards accreditation as a certification body soon, since the date of the GDPR’s applicability approaches rapidly, and companies have already indicated high interest in certification pursuant to Art. 42 f.”

Please find the full text of our press release on EuroPriSe’s 10th anniversary and the GDPR here: Image Image