Ixquick and Startpage recertified

European Privacy Seal for ixquick.com

European Privacy Seal for ixquick.com 



Ixquick(tm) meta-search engine

Web Search

Function as provided on
06/23/2008 for Initial Certification
01/27/2009 for Recertification

Cert. No. de-080001p
Gültigkeit 01/28/2009 until 01/30/2011
Initial Certification on 07/13/2008
Public report Re: Ixquick short public report R1 [PDF]
Initial: Ixquick short public report [PDF]
Surfboard Holding B.V.
KVK: Utrecht, 34111280
BEST Data minimization
Summary Ixquick is a meta-search engine, based in the Netherlands, which combines multiple individual search engines into a weighted average, producing more relevant search results. Ixquick especially focuses on protecting the privacy of its users.
Details Ixquick web search ensures  privacy by using several data minimization and
encryption (hashing) techniques. Firstly, personal identifying information is not stored  as a rule, which means the system does not store personal data. All other information is removed after 14 days. Secondly, the involved third parties receive only the data they minimally require, and the third parties are unable to identify the users of the Ixquick service.
Technical Evaluator

Legal Evaluator

Frank van Vliet
Certified Secure B.V.
Joseph Ledelstraat 92
2518KM, The Hague
The Netherlands

John Borking
Borking Consultancy
Lange Kerkdam 27
2242BN, Wassenaar
The Netherlands


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