KiwiVision Privacy Protector recertified

KiwiVision Privacy Protector Version 2.3.0 Software module for integration in a video management system

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Recertification: 09/2013

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KiwiVision Privacy Protector Version 2.3.0

Software module for integration in a video management system

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Cert. No. DE-090017
Gültigkeit 24/09/2013 until 30/09/2015

Recertification 08/09/2011

Initial Certification 11/08/2009

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KiwiSecurity Software GmbH
Lemböckgasse 49
1230 Vienna

BEST The usage of the Privacy Protector supports the principle of proportionality and the usage of the least invasive technology with regard to video surveillance in an effective way by anonymisation of video data and data minimisation.
ATTENTION: The legitimacy of the video surveillance system needs to be evaluated separately on a case by case basis by the operator of the video surveillance system. The circumstances of a certain video surveillance system need to be taken into account to ensure the success of the application. Therefore installation and configuration have to be carried out by especially trained personnel.
Summary KiwiSecurity’s Privacy Protector is a software module for integration in a video management system and provides very effective algorithms for anonymisation of video data.
Details Recertification 09/2013

The Privacy Protector now has a new feature to compensate quick light changes in surveillance area by using several different background models. This enables a better quality for the video feed while still preserving the privacy enhancing features of the Privacy Protector.

Apart from this there have been no legal or technical changes that would impact the evaluation results of the Privacy Protector compared to the re-evaluation in 2011.

Recertification 09/2011

Since the certification in 08/2009, KiwiVision Privacy Protector (v1.0) has not been modified.

In 2010, Austria introduced specific legal requirements for a legitimate implementation of video surveillance systems (§ 50a ff. DSG 2000). This is reflected in the current version of the KiwiVision Privacy Protector user manual.

Enhancements of the EuroPriSe Criteria since the initial certification had to be considered: According to the current version of the EuroPriSe Criteria, requirement (privacy statement) is applicable if the manufacturer of an IT product runs a website
and markets the product via the website. Consequently, the evaluation covered a check of the privacy statement that is provided at The evaluation proved that the privacy statement is in line with EU data protection law.

Initial Certification 08/2009

The purpose of the Privacy Protector is to anonymise video data (by obfuscating persons or objects in    the video) from surveillance cameras and storage devices in real-time. It also provides the possibility to define fixed obfuscated or non-obfuscated regions. To ensure a smooth functioning of the Privacy Protector, the surveillance system needs to use static surveillance cameras without automatic zoom. In case of moving cameras it is to be noted, that the Privacy Protector will obfuscate the entire scene until the new background has been learned by the software. Potential areas of operation are from highly frequented public spaces (airports, railway stations, etc.) to even working places.

Depending on the area of operation and technical settings chosen for the surveillance system, access for monitoring personnel can be restricted to obfuscated video data. Access to the non-obfuscated video data can be reserved to specially authorised users (supervisors,    etc.).

In practice, the Privacy Protector will operate between the video signal of surveillance cameras and the picture displayed on the monitor or the storage device. Furthermore it can be used to obfuscate video data retrieved from a storage device. This results in displaying just obfuscated video data, with the monitored persons not identifiable.

Technical Evaluator




Legal Evaluator

mksult GmbH
Mag. Andreas Krisch
Kirchberggasse 7/5
1070 Vienna
akrisch@mksult.atDr. Thomas Strohmaier
Boschstraße 55/21
1190 Vienna
Formerly Certified Versions Initial Certification of v1.0 in 08/2009

Recertification v 1.0 09/2011



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