Successful EuroPriSe Expert Workshops in London

From November 19-21, EuroPriSe held its biannual Expert Workshops in London at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. More than 40 privacy professionals from ten European countries attended the workshops addressed to future as well as already accredited EuroPriSe Experts.

The first two days were dedicated to the training of future EuroPriSe Legal and/or Technical Experts: Nine participants from seven European countries attended the EuroPriSe Expert Admission Workshop. It was the 14th workshop of its kind since 2007 when EuroPriSe held its first workshop in Vienna. Workshop participants will be accredited as EuroPriSe Experts if they manage the task of writing a high quality evaluation report on a training service that was introduced to them during the workshop.

On November 21, more than 40 privacy professionals attended the EuroPriSe Expert Enhancement Workshop. Participants had excellent networking opportunities and were informed about EuroPriSe Best Practice, recent case law of the European Court of Justice as well as recent opinions of the so-called Article 29 Working Party by members of the EuroPriSe Certification Authority. EuroPriSe Legal Expert Douwe Korff provided insight on his experiences as a EuroPriSe Expert who has already been active in quite a number of successful EuroPriSe certification projects. A highlight of the workshop was a presentation held by John Borking, Expert Representative in the EuroPriSe Advisory Board, who gave an overview on his approach to the representation of the EuroPriSe Expert Community in the board. Most of the participants of the Enhancement Workshop were accredited EuroPriSe Experts who could benefit from a prolongation of their accreditation by another three years (as a result of attending the workshop). 

The next EuroPriSe Expert Workshops will be held in spring 2015. Information regarding date and venue will be published soon.