ecertification of RISER service

Online service that allows companies to request address information from official population registries via one central web portal completes recertification.

The online service Registry Information Service on European Residents (RISER) enables companies to request and verify address information from official population registers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Address inquiries for different countries and/or communities are submitted via a central web portal. RISER distributes a request to the respective register office. The office processes the request and sends the result back to RISER. Following this, the result can be downloaded from the web portal by the customer.

The re-evaluation that was performed by EuroPriSe Legal Expert Dr. Irene Karper and EuroPriSe Technical Expert Ralf von Rahden concluded that the RISER service still meets all applicable EuroPriSe requirements. All changes that were made to the service since the last recertification were taken into account during re-evaluation.

Since receiving the seal for the RISER service for the first time in 2011, RISER ID Services GmbH succeeded in preserving it. The current recertification is the second one after a previous recertification that was finalized in early 2014.

Further information about the 2016 recertification is available here.

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