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The workshop is aimed at:

  • Lawyers specialised in privacy & data protection 
  • Experienced auditors specialised in IT security and technical aspects of data protection
  • Data protection officers
  • Manufacturers of IT products
  • Providers of IT-based services





Enjoy an additional day of training!

Participants of the two-day EuroPriSe Expert Admission Workshop may participate free of charge in the one-day Expert Enhancement Workshop which takes place the very next day. Meet experienced EuroPriSe Experts and benefit from additional insight in EuroPriSe and EU data protection law!

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Important Note

Please study the following information carefully prior to registering for the event:

EuroPriSe's Expert Admission Workshop serves the purpose to train privacy professionals in a way that enables them to act as EuroPriSe Experts (provided they meet all requirements for admission and have successfully managed to complete the homework excercise introduced during the workshop).

Currently, EuroPriSe is in a transition phase: We have been offering our certification services since 2008, but we are currently refining our certification programme to be able to offer an approved certification mechanism (Art. 42 f. GDPR) as soon as possible. However, a lot depends on the European data protection authorities when it comes to to the topics of accreditation and certification criteria. Unfortunately, the authorities have not completed the task of specifying all requirements for these topics yet. This means that at this time, EuroPriSe cannot foresee whether additional refinements of the certification programme will be necessary to gain the status of an approved certification mechanism. In particular, it is not clear yet, what scope exactly the future certification programme will have and what role the EuroPriSe Experts will play.

Under today's programme, the EuroPriSe Experts are competent for the legal and technical evaluation of IT products and IT-based services. According to the current state of the refinement process, the tasks of the EuroPriSe Experts will change in the future: The experts' responsibility will be to support the seal applicant in drafting a self-contained and meaningful target of evaluation (ToE) and to conduct a maturity assessment of the specified ToE. They will also be entitled to provide consultancy to the seal applicant on how to meet the certification requirements. The EuroPriSe Certification Authority, on the other hand, will be competent for both the evaluation of products and services and the validation of the evaluation results / the certification decision.

During the workshop in Athens, EuroPriSe will train the participants in a way that it deems most appropriate in light of the (then) status quo of the refinement of the certification programme / process towards the approval of the certification programme pursuant to Art. 42 f. GDPR. Participants will be able to complete the expert admission procedure and to be admitted as EuroPriSe Experts subsequent to the workshop. However, if the certifcation programme in general and the role of the EuroPriSe Experts in particular should be subject to major changes after the workshop, (successful) participants might be required to undergo additional training and/or to demonstrate that they meet additional requirements regarding proficiency, reliability and liability insurance to uphold their status as EuroPriSe Experts. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have any questions regarding this issue.

Workshop information to be published here as soon as the date and the venue for the next workshop will have been set.

  EuroPriSe Website Certification

  • Learn about the advantages of EuroPriSe website certification and our new online evaluation tool.
  • Apply for admission as EuroPriSe Expert for website certification and offer this new service to website owners.
  • EuroPriSe website certification focuses on the interaction between a web server and the browser of a visitor. It is limited to publicly available parts of a website.

Expert Admission Workshop


Currently no upcoming workshop!

  Certified Privacy Professional (CEPE)

  • Complete the homework exercise introduced during the workshop and apply for admission as EuroPriSe Legal or Technical Expert.
  • Benefit from an increased reputation through EuroPriSe's acknowledgement of your legal or technical knowledge of privacy and data protection.
  • Broaden your portfolio and offer EuroPriSe ToE consultancy and maturity assessments to manufacturers and service providers.

Event Details


+49 228 763 679 30


  • What exactly is the scope of the EuroPriSe certification scheme?
  • How do I identify a suitable target of evaluation?
  • What are the steps towards initial certification?
  • What is meant by monitoring and recertification?
  • What topics are covered by the EuroPriSe Criteria?
  • What does "Compliance +" stand for?
  • How do I apply the EuroPriSe Certification Criteria?
  • What is the role of the EuroPriSe Advisory Board?



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