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The workshop will be conducted as a video conference. Microsoft Teams will be used as the video conferencing system. For further information, please go to the registration page for the workshop.

Workshop hours (both days): 9:15 to 18:00 CET


Virtual Expert Admission Workshop (to be scheduled)

  Certified Privacy Professional (CEPE)

  • Complete the homework exercise introduced during the workshop and apply for admission as EuroPriSe Legal or Technical Expert.
  • Benefit from increased reputation through EuroPriSe's acknowledgement of your legal or technical knowledge of EU data protection.
  • Broaden your portfolio and offer EuroPriSe ToE scoping, risk analysis, and maturity assessment to manufacturers and service providers.
  • Make use of the abbreviation CEPE (Certified European Privacy Expert): CEPE T (Technical), CEPE L (Legal), CEPE TL (Technical & Legal)

Event Details


+49 228 763 679 30


  • Scope, rules, procedures and criteria of the EuroPriSe certification scheme
  • Specification and description of a target of evaluation (ToE scoping)
  • Conduct of a data protection specific risk analysis according to EuroPriSe
  • Implementation of a maturity assessment, including a regulatory analysis, an analysis of the state of the art, and the compilation of requirement profiles



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