Expert Admission Procedure Overview

Working as a EuroPriSe Expert means conducting formalized evaluations that comply with certification requirements. The EuroPriSe expert admission procedure ensures that private evaluators are independent and reliable and have the necessary qualification.

Since privacy protection incorporates technical and legal aspects, both need to be covered in EuroPriSe evaluations. Consequently, experts are admitted for either legal or technical, or both types of evaluation depending on their qualification.

Requirements for Expert Admission

To be granted admittance as a EuroPriSe Expert, proof of legal and/or technical qualification to conduct evaluations must be  demonstrated. Necessary are professional skills such as relevant degrees and work experience e.g. as a data protection officer or IT security specialist/lawyer and by work specimens. Degrees or certificates of a tertiary education, as well as state examinations, professional certificates (e.g., CISSP, CISM, GAIC), admissions to the bar or accreditation according to similar certification schemes (e.g., accreditation as an ISO 27000 auditor or a Common Criteria evaluation laboratory) show relevant expertise and will be  adequately taken into account. Furthermore, experts have to prove reliability and independence.

Reliability checks cover criminal background checks (no conviction for fraud, corruption, etc.), checks on professional misbehaviour (e.g., violations of professional association’s code of conducts) as well as checks on financial background (e.g., no bankruptcy, suspended business activities, unpaid debts). These checks can be conducted both with the help of public registers (e.g. by a “Police clearance certificate” or “Certificate of good conduct”, “Debtor’s register”) and self-declarations by applying experts.

The experts need to be independent. Independence is indicated if they do not have any financial interest or further contracts with their clients and if they have not been involved in the product development. Experts also need to be independent with respect to the internal structure of their organisation and must not be bound by functional directives with regard to evaluation results.

Listing on Public Register

After admission, experts can have their contact data published in a public register on this website listing  the experts together with their special interests and qualification to help vendors find the appropriate experts.

General Information about EuroPriSe Expert Admission

Expert Admission Procedure

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