European Privacy Seal for Lidl’s Central Cash Auditing (ZKP)

Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG is awarded with the EuroPriSe Seal for ZKP, an IT-based service to detect fraudulent manipulations of cashing procedures by checkout clerks.

Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG provides the IT-based service Central Cash Auditing (ZKP) to corporations of the Lidl group. The underlying central cash auditing software is used to detect fraudulent manipulations of cashing procedures by checkout clerks. Point-of-sale data is analysed by the software in order to identify typical fraud scenarios or suspicious performance indicators. When inspecting POS data, competent auditors of Lidl Stiftung can only access pseudonymous data. If strong suspicious cases are identified, they are communicated to the respective corporation of the Lidl group. Subsequently, competent sales managers of this corporation conduct further checks which may confirm or refute a suspicion. These sales managers alone are capable of correlating a pseudonym with the checkout clerk behind it.

When providing the auditing services, Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG processes pseudonymous data of checkout clerks as a processor on behalf of the respective corporations of the Lidl group. Lidl Stiftung maintains documentation which provides comprehensive and understandable information about the functionality of central cash auditing and its data protection implications.

Central cash auditing is not used for the purpose of performance monitoring or in order to identify need for training of checkout clerks.

The evaluation according to EuroPriSe was conducted by Prof. Dr. Friedrich Holl (legal and technical expert). The evaluator concluded that ZKP meets all applicable EuroPriSe requirements and that the service is implemented in a manner which fosters the principle of data minimisation.

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