European Privacy Seal for vimacc

Accellence Technologies GmbH is awarded the EuroPriSe seal for the video management software vimacc v2.2 which provides for true end-to-end encryption.

vimacc is a professional video management software. With vimacc a user can stream and store information from video surveillance cameras. All video data is encrypted during transfer and at rest. For the encryption of video data, vimacc makes use of a hybrid solution of RSA and AES encryption. In order to decrypt the encrypted video data, the users of vimacc must utilise a hardware dongle with a private decryption key.

Users of vimacc are controllers in respect of the processing of personal data that results from the usage of their respective video surveillance systems which are managed by vimacc. They are provided with guidance on how to comply with EU data protection law in a data protection leaflet and can be sure to act in compliance with EU data protection law if they follow this guidance.

vimacc offers a comprehensive way of managing users and access rights to its users. Furthermore, it comes with a data protection friendly option that allows for the pixelating of areas forming part of a video recording. The data protection leaflet that users of vimacc are provided with informs them about privacy relevant matters in an exemplary manner. It even contains a checklist which the users can work through when planning the deployment of a video surveillance system.

The evaluation according to EuroPriSe was conducted by Stephan Hansen-Oest (legal expert) and Andreas Bethke (technical expert). One particular focus of the evaluation was on the examination of the encryption methods that are used by vimacc. The result of the evaluation was that vimacc complies with all applicable EuroPriSe requirements.

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