EuroPriSe 3-Step Website Privacy Certification Now Available

EuroPriSe now offers the European Privacy Seal to websites with exceptional data privacy at an affordable price.

On April 26, EuroPriSe GmbH announced the launch of its new “Website Certification” product. EuroPriSe Website Certification is a version of the internationally renowned European Privacy Seal that is awarded to websites that comply with EuroPriSe’s high-quality data privacy requirements. EuroPriSe prides the new seal in offering its recipients a high level of accountability and quality at an affordable price, while also offering a simple 3-step certification process.

Much of the increased affordability and efficiency in the certification process is credited to the introduction of an online order form for the seal, as well as the concurrent launch of EuroPriSe’s new “Online Evaluation Tool.” Candidates for this website privacy certification can easily review the seal’s requirements, select the experts they would like to work with and process their order all from the EuroPriSe website. The selected experts can, in turn, use the streamlined Online Evaluation Tool to expedite the process of evaluating the website’s data privacy.

EuroPriSe Website Certification seal holders benefit from a high level of data privacy that extends beyond what is required by EU privacy law. This ensures that seal holders are, at minimum, always compliant with EU privacy law and better enables them to foster trust and loyalty among their website visitors.

Click here to learn more about EuroPriSe Website Certification and download the “readiness check.” Click here to view the complete press release.

Photo: © Fotolia – apinan

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