EuroPriSe Advisory Board: Introduction of Jordi Bacaria, the new expert representative

EuroPriSe proudly announces that with Jordi Bacaria, a well experienced privacy professional has been elected as the new expert representative to the EuroPriSe Advisory Board.

Jordi Bacaria is a lawyer, specialized in privacy, media, entertainment & copyright law as well as in other legal aspects of the information society. Prof. Bacaria has more than 20 years of experience in privacy and data protection law. He is founder and counsel of the legal firm “Global Legal Data“, founded in Barcelona in 1999 and dedicated to the professional practice of information technology and communications law. He joined the EuroPriSe Expert community in 2008, thus being amongst the first privacy professionals to be admitted by EuroPriSe.

Prof. Bacaria was the president of the Section of Information and Communication Technologies of the Bar Association of Barcelona from 2007 to 2010.  Another six years of presidency for the Section of Intellectual Property Rights and Image Rights of the Bar Association of Barcelona followed.

Besides his new membership in the EuroPriSe Advisory Board, Mr. Bacaria holds mutual other positions. Amongst others, he is Director and Professor of Master in Information Society Law at Campus-Barcelona Bar Association.

On the occasion of his election as expert representative, Mr. Bacaria delivered the following statement: “I am happy to remember that I have been a EuroPriSe Expert from the very beginning, and I would like to thank all my fellow EuroPriSe Experts for my election. In my new role as expert representative to the EuroPriSe Advisory Board, I will focus on the two following challenges for a start: to further improve the connection of all admitted EuroPriSe Experts and to put the European Privacy Seal in the best position for the new GDPR framework. In the next few days, I will open an account on Linkedin for EuroPriSe Experts as a place where we could collaborate with each other and exchange ideas and knowledge about privacy and data protection”.

Sebastian Meissner, Head of the EuroPriSe Certification Authority, commented on Prof. Bacaria’s election as follows: “We would like to congratulate Jordi Bacaria on his election and to warmly welcome him as the new expert representative to the EuroPriSe Advisory Board. For sure, the board will benefit greatly from his vast experience in the privacy field. We are looking very much forward to the next meeting of the advisory board, which will take place in late November“.

© Photo: Jordi Bacaria