EuroPriSe awards its seal to Aspiegel SE

EuroPriSe awards its seal for IT products and IT-based services to Aspiegel SE for a service enabling users of mobile devices to log in to other services and apps.

More precisely, the certification relates to the core functionalities of HUAWEI ID as provided by Aspiegel SE to users in the EU/EEA. In respect of this service, Aspiegel acts as the controller within the meaning of the GDPR.

Huawei ID is a central service that is available for users of mobile devices. Users may utilise the service to log in to other services (“Huawei Mobile Services”), such as AppGallery, Mobile Cloud, Developer Alliance, Video, Browser, Assistant, Music, Themes, Honor store, etc. as well as to (third party) apps.

The certification does not cover any other mobile services or apps provided by Aspiegel SE or any of their affiliates. The same holds true for (3rd party) apps that may interact with Huawei ID.

The evaluation took place on the basis of the EuroPriSe Criteria Catalogue for IT-products and IT-based services v201701. Mr. Arghya Biswas, Technical Data Protection Specialist at EuroPriSe Cert GmbH, acted in the role of lead evaluator.

The EuroPriSe seal for products and services was granted to this controller service before, but this time the certification was based on the recently introduced new procedure according to EuroPriSe.

Further information about the certification is available at

Disclaimer: This controller service certification does not constitute certification in accordance with Art. 42 GDPR.