EuroPriSe Cert GmbH Accredited as a Pioneer in Germany

Certification of GDPR Compliance for Processors: EuroPriSe Cert GmbH Accredited as a Pioneer in Germany

European Privacy Seal Certification

Bonn, January 2024 – At the beginning of the year, Bonn-based EuroPriSe Cert GmbH achieved a long-awaited milestone as a pioneer in data protection certification. In early January, the company received its accreditation certificate as a certification body in accordance with Art. 43 GDPR, marking a unique achievement in Germany.

“We are delighted to have reached this crucial milestone,” says Sebastian Meissner, Head of Certification Body. “The audit of our certification scheme for processors and the subsequent accreditation process took almost five years in total. With the involvement of the Data Protection Conference (DSK) and the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), we forged new paths alongside the responsible data protection authority (LDI NRW), as well as the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS), successfully overcoming a number of challenges.”

EuroPriSe Cert’s perseverance is now paying off. With the accreditation announcement, the green light was given for the first certification projects.

Processors can now demonstrate their GDPR compliance through the approved certification mechanism. In the initial step, interested companies create a description of the target of evaluation (ToE) and conduct a risk analysis and maturity assessment of the ToE. Once the application has been successfully submitted and the certification agreement concluded, specialists from the certification body evaluate the ToE from legal and technical perspectives and prepare an evaluation report.

Another team from the certification body assesses the results of the evaluation (the ”four-eye-principle”). If the result of the review is positive, the certification body issues the prestigious certificate after informing the competent supervisory authority. Throughout the three-year validity of the certification, the certification body conducts surveillance activities. The certificate’s validity can be renewed through successful recertification.

Certified companies benefit from numerous advantages. Proof of GDPR compliance provides processors with a clear competitive edge, strengthening trust in their services and creating opportunities to enter new markets.

About EuroPriSe – From an EU-funded Project to a Global Data Protection Standard!

EuroPriSe traces its roots back to an ambitious project launched by the European Commission, aiming to establish a Europe-wide data protection seal. This visionary project evolved into EuroPriSe Cert GmbH, now offering international data protection certifications. The EuroPriSe certification criteria for processors, developed by the private EuroPriSe Cert, were the first of their kind to be officially approved by a GDPR supervisory authority in 2022. Another significant milestone was reached in late 2023 when the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) granted accreditation to EuroPriSe as a certification body for the EuroPriSe scheme for processors.

Company Information:
EuroPriSe Cert GmbH
Joseph-Schumpeter-Allee 25
53227 Bonn, Deutschland

Press Contact:
Sebastian Meissner, Head of Certification Body
+49 228 763 679 30

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