First Data Protection based on Criteria Catalogue Approved by LDI NRW

RISER ID and EuroPriSe Cert: First Data Protection based on Criteria Catalogue Approved by LDI NRW

Bonn, 08.01.2024 – EuroPriSe Cert GmbH has reached a significant milestone in data protection certification in collaboration with RISER ID Services GmbH. RISER ID is the first processor to be successfully certified, based on the certification criteria approved by the State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information of North Rhine-Westphalia (LDI NRW) in 2022. Both companies are setting an example for the future of data protection certification.

“EuroPriSe Cert GmbH was not yet able to issue RISER ID certification in accordance with Art. 42 GDPR because our accreditation has not been granted by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) until December 2023,” explains Sebastian Meissner, Head of Certification Body, EuroPriSe Cert. “Nevertheless, the proof of compliance with the approved criteria provided by RISER ID represents an important milestone and a pioneering achievement that is unique in Europe to date,” Meissner continues.

Arne Baßler, Managing Director of RISER ID Services GmbH, adds: “Together with EuroPriSe Cert GmbH, we feel vindicated in our long-standing, joint pioneering role. Following the successful award of the new EuroPriSe data protection seal until 2026, it is our firm intention after this important milestone to be one of the first companies in Europe to obtain an approved data protection certification as a processor in accordance with Article 42 GDPR. We are therefore eagerly awaiting the DAkkS accreditation decision regarding EuroPriSe Cert GmbH and wish the EuroPriSe Cert team every success for this next step!” (Early December, 2023)

The completed certification procedure specifically demonstrated that RISER ID meets all relevant legal, technical and organizational requirements for processors while providing the RISER service for digital civil register information. Consequently, RISER ID now holds a data protection certificate valid for three years, which will be officially converted into an Art. 42 GDPR-compliant certificate as soon as EuroPriSe Cert receives accreditation.

EuroPriSe: From an EU-funded project to a global data protection standard! EuroPriSe has its roots in an ambitious project launched by the European Commission to establish a Europe-wide data protection seal. This visionary project developed into EuroPriSe Cert GmbH, offering data protection certifications internationally. The EuroPriSe certification criteria for processors, developed by the private EuroPriSe Cert, were the first of their kind to be officially approved by a GDPR supervisory authority.

An important milestone was reached in late 2023, when the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) granted accreditation to EuroPriSe as a certification body for the EuroPriSe certification scheme for processors.

RISER: The digital civil register information service is one of the few success stories in the digitalisation of federal administration in Germany. Founded in 2004 as an EU-funded start-up company, RISER has been working together with municipal IT service providers for 20 years now, forming an indispensable bridge to the diverse applications for the legally compliant use of this sensitive personal data in the economic cycle. Practised data protection is an important added value for the more than 1,500 commercial and official clients, who can more easily prove their own data protection requirements when working with RISER on the basis of the comprehensive certification measures.

Company Information:
EuroPriSe Cert GmbH
Joseph-Schumpeter-Allee 25
53227 Bonn, Deutschland

Press Contact:
Sebastian Meissner, Head of Certification Body
+49 228 763 679 30

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