Recertification of AMV System

Connected car solution for the provision of real-time vehicle data passes recertification according to EuroPriSe successfully.


Austria based AMV Networks GmbH is awarded with the European Privacy Seal for its IT-based service AMV System once again.

The AMV System consists of two components: A piece of hardware called “ASG device” that is to be installed in cars and other vehicles and the Software “TrafficSoft” that is run on servers that are located in an Austrian data centre. The ASG device transmits real time information about a vehicle such as its location, speed and fuel consumption to the TrafficSoft database. Data may then be accessed by third parties by means of a dedicated web portal – provided that the vehicle owner consented to the disclosure previously.

AMV System facilitates the principles of transparency and intervenability: Transparency vis-à-vis the vehicle owners is ensured by means of a dedicated web portal providing access to relevant information. Drivers of vehicles who are not owners of those vehicles as well as passengers are informed about the AMV System by means of an information card to be placed in the vehicle. Vehicle owners may stop disclosure of real time information to third parties at any time by means of the above-mentioned web portal.  

In 2015, AMV Networks GmbH became a subsidiary company of STARLIM Spritzschutz GmbH. In 2016, AMV moved its premises from Ranshofen to the headquarters of STARLIM which are located in Marchtrenk. In this context, AMV rented ressources on virtualisation servers from its parent company to run virtual servers that are used for the further development of the “TrafficSoft” software. These virtualisation servers are operated in a dedicated server room that is located within the headquarters of STARLIM. An agreement between AMV and STARLIM which governs this server hosting is in place and the appropriateness of the respective technical and organisational measures was evaluated by the EuroPriSe Experts in the course of the current recertification project.

The recent reevaluation that was conducted by EuroPriSe Legal & Technical Expert Prof. Hans-Jürgen Pollirer and EuroPriSe Technical Expert Mag. Jürgen Stöger showed that the AMV System continues to meet all applicable EuroPriSe requirements.

Further information about the recertification is available here.