Recertification of AVS-EU

IT product for adult verification successfully passes recertification according to EuroPriSe

AVS-EU is an IT product that processes identity card and driving license data for the purpose of adult verification. Relevant data are identified by means of an optical card reader and an OCR-Software. The product can be attached to automatic vending machines in order to ensure that legal requirements in respect of the minimum age of users are met. Practical use cases are cigarette vending machines or DVD vending/rental machines. 

AVS-EU identifies the data necessary for determining the age of the owner of the respective card and sends an electronic release signal if the owner’s age is as required (e.g., > 18 years). Data are deleted immediately after the verification process.

The re-evaluation was performed by EuroPriSe Legal Expert Olaf Lange and EuroPriSe Technical Expert Andreas Bethke. It showed that AVS-EU meets all applicable EuroPriSe requirements of the current criteria catalogue v201701.

Further information about the 2020 recertification is available here.

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