Recertification of ProCampaign

Customer engagement hub for CRMs successfully passes recertification according to EuroPriSe

Germany based Consultix GmbH is awarded with the European Privacy Seal for its IT-based service ProCampaign once again.

ProCampaign v7.0 is a web based application to support users’ customer relationship management (CRM). By means of ProCampaign, personal data of end customers (consumers) may be processed for market analysis, customer loyalty and marketing campaign purposes.

Since the initial certification of ProCampaign (v2.0) in 2012, several new functionalities were added to the service (e.g., surveys, best send time optimisation, couponing and ratings & reviews). The re-evaluation that was performed by EuroPriSe Legal Expert Dr. Irene Karper and EuroPriSe Technical Expert Ralf von Rahden showed that ProCampaign continues to meet all applicable EuroPriSe requirements.

Further information about the recertification is available here.

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