Recertification of Siemens Healthineers’ cloud platform “teamplay”

Siemens Healthineers were once again awarded the EuroPriSe seal for the cloud-based “teamplay” performance management applications.

The seal had first been granted to teamplay in 2016. teamplay enables hospitals and other medical facilities to monitor the utilization efficiency of their medical imaging devices as well as the radiation dose. This helps them to improve their image acquisition procedures and to ensure that radiation doses are as low as reasonably possible to meet clinical needs. Furthermore, teamplay offers an easy means to exchange medical images. The platform provides web-based services and a software-only gateway (the “teamplay receiver”) acting as an intermediary between hospital systems and the web-based services.

The current recertification included the evaluation of new components and features that had been added to teamplay since its initial certification. More precisely, the recertification particularly covered the applications teamplay Dose, teamplay Usage, and teamplay Protocols, which had already been subject to the initial certification, and the new applications teamplay Images and teamplay Images Research.

The re-evaluation was performed by EuroPriSe Legal and Technical Expert Dr. Irene Karper. It took place on the basis of the EuroPriSe Criteria Catalogue for IT-products and IT-based Services v201701. The evaluator concluded that teamplay continues to meet all applicable EuroPriSe requirements (including the new requirements introduced by the current version of the Criteria Catalogue). All changes that had been made to the service since the initial certification in 10/2016 were taken into account during the re-evaluation.

Further information about the recertification is available here.

Photo: Siemens Healthineers

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