Recertification of simpressive v2.2

Job management tool for purchasing processes passes recertification according to EuroPriSe successfully.

Simpressive maps the awarding, implementation and management of purchasing processes on an online platform (SaaS) and is meant to be used by clients and their service providers. It is a job management tool that includes the whole service, from requirements planning and purchasing to invoicing.

The re-evaluation was performed by EuroPriSe Legal and Technical Expert Dr. Irene Karper. It took place on the basis of the EuroPriSe Criteria Catalogue for IT-products and IT-based services v201701.

The evaluator concluded that simpressive continues to meet all applicable EuroPriSe requirements. All changes that had been made to the service since the initial certification were taken into account during the re-evaluation.

Further information about the recertification is available here.