RISER Service successfully passes recertification

Registry Information Service on European Residents (RISER Service) recertified (Initial Certification: 02/2011)

EuroPriSe is delighted to announce that the Registry Information Service on European Residents (RISER service) successfully passed recertification. RISER ID Services GmbH enables its customers to request address information throughout Europe in line with data protection requirements.


On February 18, 2014, Berlin based RISER ID Services GmbH‘s IT-based registry information service successfully passed recertification.

RISER customers may submit address inquiries for different countries or communities via a central web portal (https://service.riserid.eu/RISER/). RISER distributes requests to the respective registry offices. The registry offices process the requests and return the results back to RISER. Customers can retrieve results by means of a central web portal.

Currently, queries can be directed to official population registers in Austria, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The target of evaluation of the certified service consists of the RISER internal client, the RISER portals for customers, suppliers and registry offices and interfaces with customers, suppliers and registry offices. It does not include the public area of the RISER website, the RISER pre-sales web-client, the RISER newsletter, the realtime-ID-check, the realtime-age-check and the provision of information from movers and phone directories hosted by third parties.

Since the initial certification in 2011 the RISER service has been enhanced by several new functionalities: Inter alia, RISER is now capable of processing enhanced inquiries on registry information („erweiterte Melderegisterauskunft“) and operates a database containing information on deceased persons in order to filter out inquiries on dead persons prior to them being forwarded to the competent registry office.

The (re-)evaluation performed by EuroPriSe Expert Prof. Dr. Friedrich Holl (technical and legal) demonstrated that the RISER service is still compliant with EU data protection law.

In particular, RISER is in line with the principle of data avoidance and minimisation: It only collects and communicates data that are necessary to request registry information from the respective registry office. Furthermore, RISER ID Services GmbH does not store any result data which qualifies as personal data in its databases to use it for its own purposes (“address pooling”).

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