www.business-keeper.com awarded with European Privacy Seal

Business Keeper AG’s website joins web-based whistleblowing scheme BKMS® System in receiving a EuroPriSe certification.

Berlin-based Business Keeper AG has demonstrated that data processing resulting from typical interactions between Business Keeper’s web server and the website visitor’s browser conforms to European data protection law. The legal and technical evaluation of www.business-keeper.com covered (among others) the website’s privacy policy, the use of cookies and forms as well as relevant issues related to the hosting of the webserver by a third party.

The web-based service BKMS® System (Business Keeper Monitoring System) which can be accessed via a customer login that is hyperlinked at www.business-keeper.com  was out of scope of the EuroPriSe website certification. However, interestingly enough, BKMS® System already received the European Privacy Seal for IT products and IT-based services and passed recertification recently. 

Please read more about the “Website Certification” seal for Business Keeper in our press release: Image  

More detailed information about the results of the certification of www.business-keeper.com is available here.

Information on the EuroPriSe seal for BKMS® System can be found here.

Progress in the development process of the new “Website Certification” product will be presented to the EuroPriSe Advisory Board on September 25, 2015, and on November 6, 2015, at the next EuroPriSe Expert Enhancement Workshop in Berlin.

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